"(Crossbow) have for years got me back and forth from my concerts safely, acting above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions"

Dr Courtney Pine OBE



"You are the best"

Jimmy Ruffin

Crossbow™ have provided a high quality service since they were established in 2001. Here is some of the feedback they have received over the years. If you have ever worked with Crossbow™ click here to send us your feedback.

"Thank you to Gillianfor making the first gig of my new project run smoothly. After years of working with you in different bands, it has been a real revelation to see how much you guys do to make it all so 'EFFORTLESS'.

Omar Puente

"As a touring UK based musician it is essential to work with the best transport that I can find. It is also very important to me to feel comfortable with the company delivering my musicians, equipment and myself to the venues. That is why I work with Crossbow (Mick and Gillian), they have for years got me back and forth from my concerts safely, acting above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions. That is why I would have no reservations in recommending them to anyone looking for a great service in the transportation area"

Dr Courtney Pine OBE

"You all are the best, there is not much more one can say. Except 'You and your staff are worth every pence' and more. I would also like to say, that it has been great working with you, and I hope to see you in the future. Mean while, peace, joy, and safety, out on that road. Most of all, I hope that you always have much fun"

Jimmy Ruffin

"Many thanks for your support over the years. And of course you can use the photo. Thanks again for your professionalism and I hope all goes well with your business"

Edward Palmieri II

"Crossbow are the most professional transport company we have ever worked with. That coupled with great personalities and a desire to muck in, make the company a real pleasure to tour with"

Polly Eldridge Director - Sound Tours

"I would like to take this opportunity to say the following:Crossbow is the most professional Splitter Bus Company there is. Providing a reliable and safe service to touring bands in the UK & Europe. We all know we are in safe hands, having traveled so many miles together over the years. We thank you for continuing to get us from A to B in a safe and reliable way"

Kevin Callen Tour Manager for Courtney Pine

"Nice one Mick and Gillian see you soon. Crossbow are the Best!"

Your Mate Lekan Babalola

"Crossbow are very reliable. They have never let us down and always make you feel at home and part of the family. I always feel safe with them and can sleep, which doesn't happen very often on the road. Great driving! Thanks Crossbow"

Bessa Henry Osibisa & Bessa Band

"Thanks so much. I told my friends halfway through the tour that I met this crazy tour manager. I also told them that I would miss him when I finish the tour. You made me feel a part of the show and not just the last thing everyone thinks of (Bloody support acts Ha! Ha!) and that meant alot to me as I could walk into a venue and onto stage knowing I had someone on my side. Until next time Mick. Thanks for everything"

Clive Barnes

I just wanted to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful time and great support. You two are a whole lot more then just a tour bus company. You're part of the universal family of music. Those that are blessed to ride with either one of you receive more then just a sure and safe way of getting to their destination, they acquire a new member into their own personal family. I know I did!

Tino Gonzales

I always panic if Crossbow aren't available for our artists. They are really easy to deal with and will go the extra mile to make sure everything is as smooth as possible. I would recommend them to everybody unless of course I need them in which case you can wait in line buddy!

Trenton Birch
Black Mango Music / Afrolution Records / Amabala

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